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Listing on these WebPages is voluntary and by request of the therapist.  Therefore, the following represents only a partial list of NBCCH certified hypnotherapists for this state.  In addition to the therapists listed below, you may request up to three listings for your zip code area from our full roster  of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists via e-mail to  admin@natboard.comInclude your zip code.


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Beverley Maria Antoine, Psy.D, MFT,  NBCCH              

Advanced Counseling & Hypnotherapy Center Inc.            

Las Vegas, NV 89128            

Phone:  702-631-1385            

Fax:   702-631-1385            



Dr. Beverley Maria Antoine, Psy.D., MFT., NBCCH, of Advanced Counseling and Hypnotherapy Center, has practiced Psychology more than 25 years.  Her career began in England, receiving a Bachelors degree with honors in Psychology, then gaining a Masters degree, and then a Ph.D. and  PSY.D., in Clinical Psychology.  “My strengths lie in the multiple experiences I have had working both in hospital and on an out patient basis. I worked in Beverly Hills, Westwood, then Las Vegas, gaining several Specialties through working with other professionals: Sexual abuse, eating disorders, chemical dependency and Hypnotherapy treatments.”