National Board for Certified

Clinical Hypnotherapists


Comments from Certified Hypnotherapists

I think the website for the "National Board for Clinical Hypnotherapists" is an excellent resource.  I have been through so much training in hypnosis, and am glad that there is a national clinical certification board for our field.  I often direct my clients to your site and have them read "About Hypnosis" and find that they are glad to hear that I am a National Board Certified (Fellow) Clinical Hypnotherapist.  Thanks so much to Ron Klein for his dedication to making these wonderfully useful WebPages for both we Hypnotherapists, and for the public.   Diane Michele, Ph.D.

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Becoming certified by the National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists (NBCCH) has been well worth the investment.   When contacted by potential clients, I always inquire as to how they heard about my services.   More than half  have said they found me via the free NBCCH web listing or because the NBCCH staff  provided my phone number when  they called the NBCCH office directly looking for a qualified Hypnotherapist.   Due to the numerous referrals I have receive from the web listing provided by the NBCCH alone, I quickly recover my investment in becoming certified and my annual renewal fees.  Also, I have seen substantial increases my revenue from the hypnotherapy services I provide. 

Importantly, many of my clients say that they feel more comfortable contacting me when they see that I am a National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.  I display my NBCCH certificate in my office, as well as the NBCCH logo on my website.  I firmly believe doing so helps me to quickly establish a sense of trust and professionalism with my clients.  My advice to any who are considering joining the ranks of the professionals certified by NBCCH, is to do so ASAP. And, keep your certification current so you can continue your NBCCH benefits --- it will benefit you greatly!    Jody Johnston, M.A.

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