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Rebecca Beaton, Ph.D., NBCCH

Institute Director

The Anxiety & Stress

  Management  Institute

DBA The Knowledge Tree

Atlanta, GA  30067

Phone: 770-953-0080 x333


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Clinical Hypnotherapy Training

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CE hours, as the Anxiety and Stress Management Institute is an approved CE provider for psychologists, professional counselors, clinical social workers, and marriage and family therapists.  The Anxiety & Stress Management Institute maintains sole responsibility for the content and quality of each training program offered

The Anxiety & Stress Management Institute (ASMI)

DBA  The Knowledge Tree

meets the training standards of the National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists for professionals seeking certification by the Board.  ASMI is an integrative treatment and training facility that offers well-respected, quality, and flexible 60 hour training programs for hypnotherapy certification.  This unique hypnotherapy training program enables the trainee to immediately develop practical skills through didactic teaching, observation of instructor, personal experience, and supervised hypnotherapy practice sessions.  Participants are given the flexibility to choose the combination of training components that best suits their individual needs.  The training covers clinically targeted applications of multiple effective methods and techniques; including cognitive restructuring, desensitization, regression, experiential/resource state, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Ericksonian approaches.  The hypnotherapy training program also provides .

Courtney Armstrong, LPC/MHSP, NBCCH

Tamarisk: A Center for Change and Growth

Chattanooga, TN 37343

Phone: 423-876-3490





*Note: Courtney's classes are designed to improve one's use of hypnosis in the clinical setting. While her courses count toward NBCCH certification, her courses do not count towards certification by the Institute of Rapid Resolution Therapy®. She will introduce you to the RRT method and assist you in improving RRT skills, but at this time only Jon Connelly's 3-day workshops count towards certification in his RRT method.

Courtney Armstrong offers 20-hour Hypnosis Skills Training for Therapists in a comfortable, beautiful setting in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She received training in Ericksonian Hypnosis from Bill O'Hanlon and is a Certified Master Practitioner of Dr. Jon Connelly's Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT) approach which uses powerful hypnotic interventions to rapidly clear anxiety, trauma, grief, and substance cravings. Whether you are learning hypnosis for the first time or are looking to improve and refine your skills, her weekend workshops are full of demonstrations, coaching and practice sessions so you return to your office on Monday ready to practice at a whole new level. Participants describe Courtney as warm, approachable, humorous, and sincere in her desire to attend to each and every student.


N. Dewaine Rice, Ed.D., NBCCH– Fellow

The University of Memphis

Memphis, TN 38152

Phone:  901)758-6523



The Counseling, Educational Psychology and Research department at The University of Memphis offers a three credit-hour course in hypnotherapy. The course is offered at both the masters and doctorate level. It is also available to practitioners who wish to take it as a non-degree seeking student. The course is grounded in Ericksonian philosophy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques. The instructor, Dr. N. Dewaine Rice, is a certified fellow with the National Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists and has taught the class for over ten years.

Daniel Burow, Ed.D. NBCFCH



Sioux Falls Hypnosis

SDDaniel Burow Consulting

Sioux Falls, SD

Phone: 605-310-3400



Daniel is a psychologist with extensive training in Ericksonian hypnosis and psychotherapy through Stephen Gilligan, one of Milton Erickson’s personal students. He is also certified in both Neuro-Linguistic Programing and hypnosis.

Daniel provides training and supervision necessary to be certified as a clinical hypnotherapist.  He also provides advanced training and mentorship for current hypnotists who want to improve their effectiveness or develop their businesses.

Daniel offers a hypnosis certification course that meets the 50 hours necessary for NBCCH certification.  He  offers additional training focused on specific issues.  Daniel is available for large group instruction as well as small group training. He is available for one-on-one individual training with people who prefer this method of learning.  Daniel maintains sole responsibility for the content and quality of each training program.

Elizabeth A. Michas, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist:

  (FL PY 4751)

MindWorks Psychology, LLC

Fort Walton Beach, FL  32547


Phone:  850-974-0361



Participant feedback describes Dr. Michas as a “talented healer, also an inspiring teacher, knowledgeable about RRT and Hypnosis, effective in the way she teaches.  As a teacher, she is patient, and extremely informative.  Her teaching style is clear, easy to understand, relaxed and humorous.  Dr. Michas leaves you feeling competent and excited about working with your clients when you return from training with her.  Her trainings provide therapists with absolute take home skills that can be used immediately in their own practices.”   Continuing Education credits available for psychologists, professional counselors, clinical social workers, and marriage and family therapists

MindWorks Psychology, LLC meets the training standards of the National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists for professionals seeking certification by the Board.  MindWorks  Psychology, LLC workshops emphasize neuroscience to practice methods, integrative treatment modalities to include hypnotherapy facilitated psychotherapy techniques presented by Elizabeth A. Michas, Ph.D. a licensed psychologist, and developer of a neuropsychologically informed approach to hypnosis called Brain-based Hypnotherapy using Emotional Pain Intervention (EPI®). Training facility is on beautiful beaches of Northwest Florida.  Five-day training programs for hypnotherapy certification enable the trainee to return home with technical skill for reaching the whole brain in clinical practice.  There will be live and filmed demonstration, dyadic teaching and experiential practice.



LUTZ, FL 33558

Phone:  813-841-4762





Molly Sanford, LCSW is bringing her passion for teaching and healing back to Tampa.  Within a relaxed and collaborative atmosphere, Molly will introduce a 3 pronged approach to effectively treat trauma, limiting implicit beliefs & deceptive internal messages using Clinical Hypnosis and Cognitive RemappingTM.

Ms. Sanford is the founder and developer of Cognitive RemappingTM, an innovative approach to transforming & reprocessing trauma, eliminating the impact of long held negative implicit beliefs and/or deceptive internal messages thereby allowing people to feel free from the past, experiencing the present and increased connection to inner spirit.

Attendees will learn basic components of Cognitive Remapping
TM: how to identify long hidden implicit beliefs, subconscious triggers,  and a step by step process to update those beliefs. Other techniques to be covered: self hypnosis, physical anchors & how to deepen trance. Ms. Sanford will also provide opportunities for attendees to HEAL and AWAKEN their own inner spirit.

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